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How Do I Choose a Good Office Chair?

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Are you setting up your startup office or your existing company office or even your home office? Are you a freelancer and spend long hours sitting on your office chair? Are you confused and uncertain about the best office chair and how to choose a good office chair? If yes, what is the best office chair for sitting long hours? Let me in this article offer you top office chair features that you should consider when you choose a good office chair. To start with, when you choose a good office chair, you should consider an office chair that makes you feel comfortable and guarantees that your back is not affected in a negative way. Here are some Office chair features you should look for when you choose a good office chair.

Office Chair Buying Guide – How do I choose the right office chair?

1- Height Adjustability

One of the most important Office chair features to consider when you choose a good office chair is that it should have the feature of height adjustability so that you would have the ability to adjust its height in accordance with your own height. From a medical perspective, for enjoying optimal comfort, you should be seated in a way by which your thighs are placed on a horizontal posture towards the floor.

I personally recommend ergonomic office chairs that have a pneumatic adjustment lever that gives you the ability to bring the seat higher up or lower, based on your body height.

2- Backrests Adjustability

Another major Office chair feature to look for when you choose a good office chair is that it has the capability to position your backrest in a way that suits your need. In case the backrest is attached to the office chair, it should have the option of being adjustable to be positioned forward or backward. According to a personal experience, most ergonomic office chairs have a locking mechanism that keeps the backrest in place. And such a mechanism is an important feature to be considered so that the backrest does not tilt backward in a sudden manner. A backrest should be height adjustable, and a main Office chair feature you should be looking for is that you should be capable of angling it to your preference and comfort.

3- Lumbar Support

It is a matter of fact that a contoured backrest on your office chair is responsible for giving your back comfort and support so that you enjoy good seating while doing your tasks. When you choose a good office chair, go for an office chair backrest that is shaped in a way that matches the natural contour of your spine so that you enjoy comfort while sitting for long hours. Truly, a good office chair that is worth buying is the one that offers good lumbar support. From a medical perspective, the lower back is recommended to be supported so that it would be slightly arched in order – for your body – not to slouch on the chair while sitting for long hours. I can tell that most ergonomic office chairs offer this feature so that you can get a lumbar support at the point that suits you best. For those who suffer from discs in their spine, choosing a good office chair with lumbar support is essential to minimize back pain.

4- Breathable Material and Comfortable Padding

When sitting on an office chair for extended periods, it is recommended that the material of such a chair is breathable; that is, admitting air to the skin and allowing sweat to evaporate. Most ergonomic office chairs offer this feature. The padding of a good office chair should be comfortable. It is recommended that – when you choose a good office chair – you avoid a chair that is too soft or too hard. That is because a hard padding will give you back pain when sitting for long hours, and a soft one will not provide you with enough support.

5- An Office Chair with Comfortable Armrests – Best Office Chair Feature

You should get an office chair that has comfortable armrests to lessen some of the strain on your neck and shoulders resulting from sitting long hours. When choosing a good office chair, armrests should be adjustable in a way that allows you to position them and your arms rest at ease and your body is less likely to slouch.

6- Easier Movements with Casters

A major office chair feature that is worth highlighting is having the ability to move around without leaving your chair. A good office chair is the one that easily rotates in a way that you can reach different spots in your work area comfortably. Casters provide you with easier mobility, and based on a personal experience, make sure to get the right casters that match your floor – ceramic or covered with a carpet – so that the chair can rotate and be moved easily.6- Seat Depth Suitability There is a worth-considering  office chair feature with regard to its seat; It is suggested to have your office chair seat wide and deep enough to allow you to sit comfortably. If you are tall, consider choosing an office chair that has a deep seat; however, if you are medium height, go for a shallow one.

Best Office Chair

To put the long story short, from a medical viewpoint, a good body posture is the one that allows you to sit with your back against the backrest of a chair and have around 2 to 3 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of your office chair. And a good office chair gives you the capability of adjusting the tilt of the seat forward or backward based on the way you choose to sit. Having understood the main office chair features  you should consider when you choose a good office chair? we have got a wide variety of options that shall meet your preferences. Based on a long experience in dealing with clients with various needs and work conditions and available space, we can help you get your office furnished with the best quality features of chairs that suit your needs best. Check the best office chairs and top ergonomic office chairs.

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